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Pre-stretch of ropes

If you need to preserve the rigidity of rope system, reduce the tensioner stroke, and accurately position the load preliminary partial reduction of the steel wire rope is obligatory.

It is used to minimize the residual elongation of the rope during operation process.

It ensures the reduction of inelastic deformations, manifested in the rope running-in process in the construction, machine and part of creep deformations, as well as the correct tests by stretching terminations of the rope end seals.

Pre-stretching also ensures that the load on the rope is evenly distributed over entire section of strands and wires, and reduces the bending moments in the wire sections and rope torque.

Pre-stretching is especially needed for double lay ropes, closed lifting and reinforcing ropes for concrete reinforcement. The stretching mode is determined by the rope type, design and size. The effectiveness of pre-stretching depends on the correct combination of its efforts and conditions of subsequent operation.         

The implementation of pre-stretching allows increasing period of continuous rope use. Also it can reduce, or in some cases completely eliminate the use in the construction of mechanisms for rope tension. The use of pre-stressed ropes in construction allows significantly reinforcing concrete structures, by increasing the strength characteristics.

An additional effect of using pre-stretched ropes is cost reduction during commissioning, since it doesn’t require preliminary running-in, dragging or shortening the rope. Due to this, equipment downtime is excluded. In the case of using a pre-stretched rope as an element of a building structure (guy-rope ways), savings are achieved because there is no need to purchase special equipment and independently perform rope pre-stretching at the construction site.

Main application fields

Most demanded scopes of application in which pre-stretched cables are used: 

  • Stadiums, bridges and other engineering structures​
  • Passenger and cargo ropeways​
  • New excavator models​
  • Passenger and freight elevators​
  • Gas and oil pipelines​
  • Power lines​
  • Lifting equipment

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