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SPA (Scientific Production Association) “SOYUZKANAT” is a Russian manufacturer and reliable supplier of steel wire ropes, slings and lifting systems for a wide range of applications: special and standard load-lifting equipment, oil and gas industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, infrastructure (guy-roped, suspended and stretching structures) and other purposes. Products are delivered in accordance with GOST and international standards.

The quality of supplied products characterized by excellent performance parameters, coupled with technological expertise and personal service is the winning hand contributing to recognition of SPA (Scientific Production Association) “SOYZKANAT” by Russian and European consumers.

Experience, competence in engineering and production, quality control at all stages, extensive connections with the best global manufacturers, the desire to cope with customer tasks as soon as possible and accordingly technical conditions, allow us to successfully implement even the most technically complex projects in the field of lifting technology and suspension systems. Today SPA (Scientific Production Association) “SOYUZKANAT” provides its services to customers in three main areas:

Delivery from the stock and to order

When our clients need products from a line of standard steel wire ropes in diameters from 1 to 175 mm, they can purchase products directly from stock or make an order. The stock of the most demanded items has been formed in the warehouse, whereas capabilities of our own production and European partners allow us to complete the standard specification within the agreed time frame. The ropes will be prepared for installation upon request on our service platform, packed and delivered to the site.


The widest range of standard, special ropes, rope slings and optional accessories produced in Russia, as well as ability to supply high-quality products of the world's largest manufacturers, allow us to perform the most unique and complex queries and tenders.


So far as the customer needs not just a standard rope, but a full cycle, including design, selection of special ropes and accessories in strict accordance with the project requirements, production, preparation for installation, and in some cases directly installation, the choice of suppliers sharply narrows.

SPA (Scientific Production Association) “SOYUZKANAT” is one of the important companies providing a turnkey service. We have the experience, competence and necessary resources for project implementation in strict adherence to technical requirements and within the agreed time frame.


Policy in the quality sphere

Safety and reliability have primary importance for steel ropes and lifting systems, therefore quality is the key task of company's management. The quality management policy complies with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, which allows us to focus our priorities on customer satisfaction. Due to system quality management, SPA (Scientific Production Association) “SOYUZKANAT” is ready to offer guaranteed and safe products and solutions.

  • Supply Chain Quality

  • Quality related services

  • Quality of service

  • 100% control at all stages

  • Input control of raw materials

  • Evaluation and training of staff

  • Quality of control and testing

  • Quality of design and production



SPA (Scientific Production Association) “SOYUZKANAT” works closely with its partners and fulfills obligations in a timely manner. It is a creditable supplier of quality products, striving for further development and service improvement.

By virtue of continuous improvement, sustainability and individual approach, today SPA (Scientific Production Association) “SOYUZKANAT” is a key supplier of many companies and significant infrastructure projects.

We are always open to new cooperation in the production and supply of steel wire ropes and lifting systems, service and technical support.

Our partners Our partners


Our resources and opportunities

  • 01 Full-cycle engineering

    Full-cycle engineering

    Professional engineering is critically needed for successful implementation of sophisticated and important projects. We are properly equipped to ensure full-cycle engineering: a qualified team of designers and engineers, advanced software, expertise made by European partners, leading in the sphere of design and manufacture of steel wire ropes for the whole range of applications.

  • 02 Production


    Own specialized capacities for the production of high-quality rope slings, steel wire ropes according to GOST and international EN standards on individual requests. We have equipment for testing finished products, which allows us to control their quality.

  • 03 Service and technical support

    Service and technical support

    SPA (Scientific Production Association) «SOYUZKANAT» provides service and technical support for rigging and lifting ropes and systems, ship ropes, stretching and guy-roped structures. Equipment capabilities for the preparation of rope installation allow us to deliver fully ready products accordingly the customer’s specifications. When you need assistance in the selection of products that most closely match the specified characteristics and the rope weight you can consult with our technical specialists.

  • 04 Experience and competence of team.

    Experience and competence of team.

    The team of SPA (Scientific Production Association) "SOYUZKANAT" consists of high-class professionals. All employees have a long-term experience in the steel wire rope and suspension systems industry. They are experts in their specializations, have extensive practice and invaluable experience of participating in many successfully implemented projects.

  • 05 Supply chain management.

    Supply chain management.

    We guarantee to our loyal customers the shipment of products in strict accordance with specification and within agreed terms. Own production, warehouse, reliable partners in transport and customs logistics, authorities in foreign economic activity facilitate effective supply chain management, saving customers’ financial and time resources.

  • 06 Flexibility and mobility

    Flexibility and mobility

    We’ll select the specification that is most suitable for your company depending on the project, in terms of technical characteristics, quality, time, cost and conditions of payment. Besides our own production and service site we have a partner pool consisting of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of steel wire ropes sphere for the whole range of applications. Due to this fact such flexibility and mobility are possible.

  • 07 Personal service

    Personal service

    The company's philosophy is individual approach. We are constantly improving our business processes and services, professional competence of employees. Our sales and service specialists will carefully analyze the request, work out the specification, make efforts to find the most effective economic alternatives and offer the best solution. 


Our projects All projects

  • Infrastructure projects
Courtyard of Polytechnical museum
  • Infrastructure projects
Courtyard of Multifunctional building of Lakhta center
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