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Cutting of ropes
in the specified length

Cutting steel wire ropes to the required specified length is one of the necessary technological processes in production. It is also requested service, as cutting a rope is rarely required or for a specific project.

Steel wire ropes, especially complex structures, require special equipment and technologies to ensure the integrity of structure, protection against dissolution and unwinding.

For such cases, it is more efficient and economical to order the cutting service in definite length in specialized companies. This is particularly true when related services are required for end sealing, pre-stretching or testing.

SPA (Scientific Production Association) “SOYUZKANAT” has its own production site and necessary equipment to provide quality services. The process of cutting the rope is performed in compliance with all rules and regulations, strictly in accordance with GOST and international standards. One of the mandatory procedures for cutting is to prepare a steel wire rope for protection against dissolution and unwinding by laying a tight wire winding on both sides of the segment point. A soldered knit is used in the case of subsequent operation of rope end sealing.

Seamless technology, qualified employees and strict control over each stage allows performing the most complex and unique orders in a good manner.